COVID General Care Measures

Covid tips and testingWhen it comes to dealing with COVID-19 it’s best to be as cautious as possible, and get ahead of any early symptoms by following the correct protocols. To best protect yourself and others, here are some general COVID care measures and testing information to keep in mind.

General Health Measures regarding COVID-19

  • If you are sick and experiencing mild to moderate symptoms, consider the COVID PCR Swab test. 
  • Covid PCR swabs are available by appointment
  • Stay hydrated and take fever reducers as needed
  • Patients with confirmed COVID-19 cases should self-quarantine
  • Coordinate with your healthcare provider regarding when to follow-up and when to discontinue self-quarantine
  • If you were previously sick (or had possible exposure to COVID-19) and it has been at least 2 weeks – consider the COVID-19 Blood Test

Available Tests

Michigan Avenue currently offers two different types of COVID tests. See the current available COVID testing options below: 

COVID-19 Swab test

  • Detects ACTIVE infection
  • Used to diagnose COVID-19 if you have symptoms, including fever, cough, or shortness of breath
  • Swabs are taken from either the nose or mouth
  • Test results turn ‘negative’ or ‘normal’ when the infection resolves
  • COVID PCR swab testing is available by appointment

COVID-19 Blood test

  • Detects prior COVID infection by measuring antibodies
  • Antibodies to COVID are thought to be protective and may indicate immunity
  • Antibodies appear approximately 14 days after infection or exposure
  • Scientists do not yet know how long antibodies will last after infection
  • Does NOT detect active infections
  • Antibody test available by appointment

Need to get tested for COVID? Learn more about how to book an appointment at our COVID testing center.